Where budget is the primary consideration, our Handwriting service offers an affordable and speedy solution for weddings and party stationery. Gel pens, thin markers, and Mont Blanc fountain pens are used for this lettering works.

Our Handwriting uses the flair and uniqueness of one script to produce exciting invitations with matching stationery. This is where we use Handwriting – either in one size or in various sizes – to produce a piece of art. We will consult you on the degree of flourishing, or you might opt for plain text only.

Handwriting is a great option if you would like professional, hand-inscribed stationery, and you are on a very tight budget and a short deadline. Handwriting may only be done in black or white colour. The line thickness of the writing can be adjusted according to the size of the stationery, but will not vary significantly. In limited cases, we can offer other colours for an extra charge.

Note: we require samples of stationery in advance to conduct ink suitability tests.

How to commission

Calligraphy Studio is essentially email-based, so we always advise that you email us first.

Send us an email with your text and a brief idea of your requirements. This will enable us to provide a quotation and some rough examples generated by computer. More complex commissions may require a phone call or, in rare cases, a face-to-face meeting (face–to–face meetings and consultations are charged extra).

We will then be able to advise you on lettering styles and design options, but you will need to consider limiting factors such as the dimensions of the stationery and the height of lettering that needs to be fitted into it. Turnaround times depend on the size and complexity of the work involved, and we usually require at least 24 hours’ notice to complete a commission. A minimum charge will apply to all commissions, and additional costs may apply when extra names are added after your order has been completed.

All data – such as names and addresses – should be spell-checked and proofread before it is sent to us. It is also preferable that the data is sent in the form it will finally appear in. That is: names and titles in lists (rather than Excel columns), names and addresses presented in a label format. Also, for the sake of time and accuracy, all materials should be submitted at the same time. Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy, final responsibility for proofreading rests with the client.

If you require a large body of text to be inscribed, please email us the text for an accurate quote. In most cases, we will be able to produce some examples free of charge, if you send the text over email. The text should be spell-checked and proofread before it is sent to us.

If you are booking a calligrapher for a demonstration in a store or for last-minute corrections/additions at a venue, please make the booking at least 3-4 days in advance. We would also need you to confirm the contact person on-site, and outline security requirements and a dress code.

Please note that we require at least 10% more blank stationery than names in your list. We always try to our best to avoid spelling mistakes, but practice shows that a higher number of mistakes occur in rushed and last-minute commissions. So, for rushed and last-minute work, we advise you to order up to 15% more blank stationery than names in your list.

A large order discount can be given for commissions above 300 units if all information and stationery comes in one batch.

Materials & Tools

In our work we use only pens and markers that were carefully tested and proved to work perfectly on papers we offer. We usually select pens and markers with permanent or waterproof ink. We use gel pens, fine markers, and Mont Blanc fountain pens.

The Mont Blanc fountain pen is the modern version of the original dip pen, and, unlike its predecessor, it utilizes an internal ink reservoir that draws the ink from its container to the nib using a feeder, without having to constantly dip it in an inkwell. However, they generally do not have the flexibility of dip pen nibs.

We usually offer only black or white pens. These are the ones we have tested and we are sure they work well. If you prefer other colours, you can supply your own markers or gel pens. However, you will be responsible for testing the pens on the stationery prior to providing both.

Gel pens and markers can work differently on plain white or coloured paper. Coated papers can also greatly affect the final effect. Therefore, we always advise you to send us samples of the stationery, and we will be more than happy to test the it and produce some samples free of charge.

Pigment ink pens are not the best choice. They are generally more expensive than dye ink pens, and they don’t have the brightness or comparable colour range (or gamut) to that offered by dye ink pens.

When thinking about why you would want a more expensive pigment pen and specialized paper, there is one compelling reason: money. If you are a calligrapher or an artist looking to sell your work, the stability and longevity of pigment-ink-based work means that you can do it without worrying about your buyer coming back in a year complaining that your artwork has yellowed or turned green.

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